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Zerodha Customer Support

Zerodha discount brokerage is the largest retail stockbroker in India with an active client base of of more than 1 million customers as per the latest information. It is the cheapest stockbroker in India providing intuitive trading tools built from scratch. Zerodha successfully achieved technological disruption in the stockbroking industry contributing to over 10% of all Indian retail volumes with its homegrown technology and unbeatable zero pricing.

Invest Plus allows it’s users to import the broker bills (Contract Note) of Zerodha Capital.

Zerodha’s Trading Platform

It offers trading services like other stockbroking companies to futures & options in Equity, buy & sell stocks, Currency & Commodity segments. The brokerage structure is extremely simple for all kinds of investor. While comparing to a full- serive broker It has around 90% of saving.

Kite 3.0 (Web-based Trading Platform)

The Kite is a sleek investment and trading platform built for modern times and sensibilities. With its groundbreaking innovations and excellent usability. The platform provides real-time widgets and advanced charting with unlimited extensibility for free!

Kite Android / Kite iOS (Mobile Trading App)

Kite Android / Kite iOS is a simple yet powerful application developed for users. It has over 1+ million clients and serving over 200 million HTTP requests a day.

Investplus C.T.A

Zerodha Sentinel (Price Alert Tools)

Sentinel is a price alert tool which basically sends you the notification on your mobile/mail whenever the underlying hits the price you have set. It creates advanced alerts that combine multiple triggers using simple, easy-to-use operators. Unlike other application here price alerts can be triggered for any time, even when the computer is off.

Console (Reporting Dashboard)

The console is a trade and reporting dashboard wherein Zerodha customers can view and monitor all their investments- stocks, derivatives, and mutual funds, etc. The platform keeps track of credits and debits in your trading account. It can also access various reports, get account statement, place withdrawal requests and download contract notes.

Coin (Mutual Fund Investment)

A mutual fund investment platform by zerodha allows people to invest in direct mutual funds which means you could do commission-free direct mutual fund investment and a single capital gain statement, Profit & loss visualizations, and more.

Here are the details of Zerodha customer support that can be useful for Invest Plus users:

E-mail support :

Complaints pertaining to securities broking-

DP related queries-

Call Support :

080 4040 2020
080 3310 2020

Zerodha Headquarters :

153/154 4th Cross Dollars Colony,
Opp. Clarence Public School,
J.P Nagar 4tPhase,
Bangalore – 560078

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