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Back-up, rebuild & conveniently navigate through data across various portfolios


Worried about error in the data or losing it? Invest Plus has taken care of it for you.

Invest Plus is a Personal Finance & Portfolio Management Software that allows you to back up your data, rebuild your data, delete multiple transactions at once and much more. It's key features include  managing income, expenses, budgets, assets, liabilities, investments, assets, and balances. Without any professional help, this software lets an armature handle their financial accounts and investment portfolio. Furthermore, it lets you do a thorough portfolio analysis and make well informed decisions. With a user-friendly interface, it can be managed by individual users as well as family users.  

Backup Your Data Any Time

Unexpected data loss or damage can shake up all your accounts as well as the efforts you put in build your financial data. One of the key features of Invest Plus is to help you to get a backup of your data. You can select the path and take a backup easily anytime, without any hassles.

  • Fast and effective backup.
  • No worrying about losing all the data entered.
  • The most secure and reliable way to not lose your data.
  • Minimum storage space required.
  • Choose the path you want your backup file to be loacated.

Rebuild your data easily

If you feel that there might be a slight possibility of error in the data that might hinder your final accounts, worry not. This software solution will fix the errors in your database automatically. With its simple user interface, you don't need to be tech savvy to operate this software.

  • This portfolio management software will help you to recalculate any difference caused due to errors.
  • It’s so simple and easy to use that anyone can use it.
  • This feature fixes the errors and maintains data accuracy.
  • Saves you from the hassle of manually checking your data.
  • Eliminate the chances of any potential error in your final accounts.

Delete Multiple Transaction in One click

One of the core features of this portfolio management software is deleting multiple transactions in one click. It makes your work easy and less time consuming as you don't have to click on each bank transaction individually just to delete them. You can select them all and delete at once.
Conveniently manage transactions like: 

  • Bank Payment
  • Bank Receipt
  • Broker Bill
  • Cash Payment
  • Cash Receipt
  • Contra Entry
  • F&O Bill 
  • F&O Opening

Quickly Transfer and Duplicate

This is very useful when you want to add any new account that's created in any other existing account. Perhaps if you want to copy one of your family's accounts over to your own or vice versa, this feature could be a great way as the copy Account Master feature allows anyone to do this easily and quickly.

  • Copy any account, easily and quickly!
  • You can copy any account that has been recently created in a portfolio.
  • Copy any account in another portfolio within a fraction of time.
  • Easy to navigate with a simple functions.
  • A swift process to duplicate and transfer data.

Organize Better. Manage Efficiently. Invest Smartly.

Improve Your Portfolio Health and Make Faster Decisions!

Merge Feature

The merge feature allows you to allows you to merge brokers, DEMAT, scrip as well as accounts within a fraction of time. You simply have to select the particulars to be merged and let the software do the rest, allowing you to manage specific accounts efficiently and in an organized manner.   

Match list

In case of an incorrect import of a contract note, you can delete that particular contract note, download it again and match list with the respective shares ,future & options and mutual funds. This eliminates any chances of a possible error, saving you time while maintaining accuracy. 

User Management

This feature allows you to give access to any other person to manage your account. The rights to be given to the new person can be managed, where you can decide what the new member will be able to see and access. You can find the list of users created in the software and manage them.

Statistical Report

The module provides details about the member you are working with, details on voucher entries entered, minimum and maximum cash balance, number of Ledger A/Cs for the selected member, period for which the books are available and the period for which the books have been written. 

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