Effortlessly manage your
personal accounting & investments completely free

(without needing any professional help)

The Ultimate Personal Finance Management Software for Better Financial Decisions.


What if we told you that you could easily manage your personal accounting without having to be an accounting expert?

Yes, you don’t have to be an accounting or finance expert to manage your or your family’s finances. Invest Plus not only helps you keep track of your financial activities, but also offers smart tools to make recording and tracking your expenses easier. It is designed to be simple yet powerful & flexible that facilitates you to record your daily expenses and incomes on time without missing any single detail. It's simple! It's easy to use! And you will have the tools and information you need to smartly manage your money & make better decisions for your financial future.

Maintain Personal Accounts & Ledger  

Accounting has never been this easier! With Invest Plus's account master and account group master, you can now simply edit, delete or modify your account masters, and generate final statements like trail balance, balance sheet, etc.

  • With Account Master, you can easily record, edit or delete transactions, create additional ledger accounts (if required) and adjust your accounts anytime.
  • It works as a double entry accounting system that creates a complete audit trail by recording and summarizing all transactions.
  • Get your accounting up and running in literally minutes.
  • Eliminates financial mistakes and provides accurate financial records like a financial planner.
  • This accounting software provides a quick and convenient way to create, print & export your financial statements.

Record any kind of Accounting Transactions

Be it any types of accounts, this personal finance management software is capable of recording every kind of accounting entry. All you have to do is ensure that you select the right entry, to give an equivalent effect on your financial accounts. You can maintain:

  • Cash Book & Bank Account Entries
  • Journal Entries
  • Contra Entries
  • Bank Reconciliation Statement
  • Credit Card Entries
  • Transfer to Capital A/C
  • Multiple daily entries
  • Multiple debits and credits in a single entry (Compound Journal)

One Click Bank Statement Imports

Eliminate the complex process of maintaining books of accounts & managing bank transactions with one of the key features of Invest Plus. You can now import any bank transactions from the given list of the banks and generate statements easily.

  • Import your bank account statement in just one click.
  • Supports all major banks of India.
  • Credit Card/Debit Card/Wallet statement imports.
  • Easy to use, intuitive navigation.
  • No more manual entry recording.
  • Generate financial statements reports & keep track of your finance.
  • Export all transactions to an excel file

Please note that your bank data remains completely undisclosed to us as the software is not connected to any bank.

Generate Monthly & Annual Statements 

Reporting at your fingertips! Generate final account statements, compare accounts of different time periods, compare accounts of your family members and keep a track of your expenses and cashflows.

  • This Personal Finance Software helps you generate monthly & annual statements like trial balance, income & expense statement, balance sheets.
  • Provides professional-looking financial statements that can be shared with anyone.
  • Stops you from forgetting important transactions and lets you monitor your money more effectively.
  • Manages finances of one or multiple users.
  • Expense Tracking & Investment Tracking of your family members.
  • Helps you save time and money on accounting services.

Generate 300+ Dynamic Reports

Invest Plus is a powerful windows-based personal finance software. It is the perfect tool to manage your personal finances. This financial software provides a wealth of useful features to keep track of your personal finances, income statement, manage accounts, track stock prices and portfolio performance. You can generate reports like  

  • Trial Balance
  • Income & Expense Statement
  • Balance Sheet
  • Bank Cash Summary Reports
  • Monthly Summary Reports
  • Journal Register
  • Investment Account Report
  • Account Group Wise Reporting, and many more

Change the way you manage your finances. Make better decisions for your financial future with Invest Plus.

Make the right decisions with clarity, confidence & ease.

Schedule Transactions

Schedule your recurring transactions that occur over a fixed period of time. These entries are automatically recorded on the specific date, without you having to worry about entering them manually. 

Balance Sheet Order Schedule

Arrange your assets, liabilities and various ledger group heads to appear in the balance sheet of your financial statements. This feature in accounting section helps you sort your accounts in a prioritized way.

Quick Transactions

Effortlessly record your daily transactions by creating a template. You don't require to open the ledger every time to record a transaction. It lets you create a pre-defined template to navigate to the particular transaction. 

Zoom out to voucher entry level

Conveniently navigate from the final account statements to each ledger. Additionally, you can also edit any transaction in case of any error, repeat any entry, add any transaction if it has been missed out.

What is Personal Accounting?

And why is it important to manage all your accounts at one place and keep a track of them in Invest Plus Software.
It is the process of recording and analyzing information about your personal finances. It's a way to track how much money you have, where it came from, what you spent it on, etc. You can use this data for many different purposes: saving money or planning purchases; tracking expenses so that they don't exceed budgeted amounts; comparing yourself with other people in similar situations; keeping records of investments; preparing income tax returns; setting financial goals and more.

It also gives you a chance to make sure that your financial situation remains stable so that there are no surprises in the future. In addition, if you get into debt or lose some of your savings, then this will be reflected on your personal account statement as well. These statements provide information about your income, expenses and assets for each month.

They help you keep track of all these things by providing details such as:

  • Income – This includes any salary, interest, dividends, pension payments etc. which come directly into your bank account.
  • Expenses - These include bills like electricity, water, telephone, internet connection, rent, food, clothing, medical care, school fees etc.
  • Assets - These include anything owned by you including cash, investments, property and other items. The value of an asset depends upon its current market price plus any costs associated with buying, selling or holding onto it. For example, when you buy shares of stock they cost more than when you sell them. If you own land, you might spend money maintaining it. When you invest in gold, silver or precious stones, their prices go up over time.
  • Liabilities - These include debts owed to others like credit cards, loans, mortgages, car finance and student loan repayments. You may owe taxes too. Liability means something that is due to someone else.

Personal Accounting can be used to:

  • Track your expenses and income. This will help you keep track of how much money you have coming in, as well as what you spend it on. It also helps if you are trying to save for a big purchase or need some extra cash at the end of the month.
  • Keep up with bills. You may not think that paying bills every month matters but when they pile up over time, it really does add up! By keeping an eye on them regularly, you’ll know exactly where you stand financially so you won’t miss any payments.
  • Plan ahead. If you want to buy something new this year, you should plan out your budget first. Personal accounting allows you to see all of your financial information at once and make sure that everything fits into place before making purchases.

Do I Need a Professional to help me manage my accounts?

It is not required by law for individuals to keep financial books and records but you understand how personal finances are important when it comes to money management. It might turn out to be a huge mistake if you don't manage your finances well. It is possible to hurt your CIBIL (credit) score if you forget to pay a bill. You may not notice expenses that could provide some tax benefits. An accountant doesn't keep a track of your due dates and bill reminders.

When it comes to managing finances, nobody better than you knows your current financial status. You can keep a track of your incomes, your spending, analyze the gap and plan on how to further prepare your budget.

Personal Accounting Software - What do I need to know about it

How It Works:

If you are just starting out, the best way to get started on managing your own financial affairs may be by using a personal account management software. This will allow you to enter transactions into accounts such as checking, savings, credit card, mortgage, etc., and then generate reports for you at any time helping you stay on top of your finances. 

It allows you to:

  • Enter all of your income and expenses in one place so that it’s easy to see what you have coming in and going out each month.
  • Track how much money goes where over time. This helps you keep track of spending habits and save more money.
  • Keep records of bills paid or outstanding.
  • Keep track and record multiple bank accounts from one system.

Benefits of a Personal Accounting Software

You will be able to track all transactions in one place, and you won’t have to keep multiple books or files for each transaction. It helps you organize your financial information so that it becomes easy to find what you need when needed. A good personal accounting system allows you to easily create reports on any aspect of your personal finance. This makes it easier to analyze how well your money is doing financially.

10 factors to consider before choosing any Personal Accounting Systems (PAS)

Before choosing any PAS, you should consider the following factors:

  1. The kind of features offered and how would it help save you time and money.
  2. How easy it is to learn how to use the software.
  3. How convenient is the software support and through which way they can be contacted - call, email, instant chat support, etc.
  4. Number of reports generated after the data has been entered.
  5. Reports download or export in various file formats.
  6. Check whether they have a free download version available, so you can try and understand the software before buying.
  7. Are they offering discounts if I buy more than one package?
  8. Inquire if they offer a demo version to understand how to use the software.
  9. A toll-free number which can be contacted anytime during working days.
  10. A website from where I can download the latest versions of the software.

How can Invest Plus help me in Personal Accounting?

Invest Plus has been designed to be the most user-friendly and easy-to-use personal finance management software on the market today, so you don’t have to hire an expensive professional or spend hours trying to learn how to use complicated programs. With Invest Plus, it takes just minutes for you to set up all of your accounts and transactions – no matter what type of account they are! It helps you manage your monthly expenses like rent, medical bills, day-to-day expenses, analyze and compare against your income, identify the gap between income and expense and make informed decisions for better financial planning. And if you ever need additional support from our team, we're always available via email, phone or online chat.

Do I need accounting knowledge to manage my personal accounting in Invest Plus?

The best thing about Invest Plus Personal Finance Software is that it does not require any special training to operate. All you need to do is install the application on your PC/Mac and start managing your finances right away! So, why wait anymore? Get started today and see how easy it is to handle your finances at home.

Why Invest Plus Personal Accounting Software could be the right fit for you.

Invest Plus software helps you in financial management including mutual fund as well as accounting for investments, without needing the help of a financial or accounting professionals. It is a personal finance management software for individuals, families and investors. It helps you to track your money, manage your cash flow, invest wisely and profitably, pay off debt, plan for the future, and keep your finances healthy and fit to thrive! It includes budgeting software, expense tracking software, portfolio management software, retirement calculators, and so on.  INVEST PLUS is simple, easy-to-use, yet powerful software that makes it fun and exciting to keep your personal and financial life in order. The revolutionary software has been used successfully by millions of people to manage their money for over 10 years. Finances are easily understood in a manner that is easy to grasp and apply. The program has an intuitive interface and is highly configurable. You can customize it to your exact needs and work style. It comes with thousands of ready-to-use reports, graphs, charts, calculators and templates.

Check other dynamic features of Invest Plus and how the software can effectively help you manage your money.

Download Invest Plus for free

You can download lifetime free version of Invest Plus from here. It will give you an idea about the features and functionalities available in this product. 

What do I get for Personal Accounting when I sign up for Invest Plus?

When you join Invest Plus as a free member, you'll receive:

  • A personalized dashboard that allows you to view all of your financial information at one glance.
  • An intuitive interface that makes managing your money simple and fast.
Need help getting started? Check this user guide and follow the instructions for quick and hassle-free installation and activation.

Take the next step towards better financial management.