Share Application

you can keep a record of the application that you have done for any shares , you can have all the details that you want entered in this module. further you can also search for any of the shares application that you have done through this module.

Scrip NameSelect scrip name here.
Application NoEnter share application no.
Application DateEnter application date.
DematSelect demat account of share application.
InvestorDHere default current member as investor.
PaymentHere you can select payment type of share application.
Fully Paid: You paid fully amount of application.
Partly Paid: select if you paid partly payment.
ASBA: When pay share application amount at time share allotment.
No of SharesEnter share qty.
Rate per share qtyEnter rate of share qty.
Payment DetailHere you can pay from Bank,Cash, Other account select as per payment.
AccountSelect payment account
Trans/Chq NoEnter date of transaction

Share Allotment

You can have the details of the allotment of the shares which you receive from the applications done over here.

Application NoSelect share application no.
Payment DetailIf you payment type in share application ASBA then here you can specify payment detail else show here share application payment detail.
Allotted DateEnter share allotted date..
Allotted sharesEnter share allotted qty.
Allotted RateEnter allotted share rate of per qty.
Allotted AmountCalculated amount show here.
Refund AccountHere you can select refund account if share allotment not per share application.