Lended Loan - Invest Plus

This module helps you to keep a record of the loans that you lend to other entities and works the same as the Borrowed Loan module.

Lended Loan investplus

Given ToSelect Provider from list.
Loan name Select loan name here.
Loan ProviderAuto Fill. Current member come here.
Account No.Maximum length is allowing 15 characters.
Loan AmountEnter loan amount here.
Loan date (Date)Enter date here.
Interest AmountEnter amount here.

Installment Type:

Lump sum / Fixed (Option Button)Lump sum:

Installment amount: Enter amount here.

Installment start from (Date): Enter starting date here.


Total Installment:
Enter total installment here. And also select that your installment is month, quarter, and half yearly or yearly wise.

Installment start from (Date):
Enter starting date here.

Cal. Int.Calculate interest from here. And you get focus on Installments.

Loan Summary:

Loan Amount See Loan amount here.
Interest AmountSee Interest Amount here.
Total installmentSee Total Installment here.
Received InstallmentSee how many installment you have received.
Received amountSee received amount here.

Lended Loan installment investplus

Installment No.Select Installment No
Installment AmountInstallment amount of receipt.
Received DateReceived date of installment.
Received TypeReceived type like, Bank,Cash or Others.
Cheque NoCheque no of receipt if bank.
Receive AccountReceive account name select with button.
NarrationEnter narration here.
AddPress Add to enter receipt entry of installment.
DeleteDelete received installment entry.
Remind me before daysSet reminder of installments before specified days.