Member Master - Invest Plus

When you open the member from the tool bar and click on the member master button you will be shown the following screen, by default you will be shown the member name which you must have entered previously while installing else if you want to add a new member you can do it by clicking the New option in the bottom given in the tool bar. After entering all the details you can save the information by clicking on the save button in the bottom tool bar. You can also search/edit the member by the search and  edit buttons.

Member Master 1

Member NameEnter Member Name here. Length of the member name restricted to 50 characters.
GroupYou must select group from search button.
Type of AssessesSelect your assesses from search button.
Date of BirthEnter Date of Birth here.


Member 1

Now click on address detail, you will be displayed these options — Residence, Office and Communication. Now You can enter all the details of the particular member over here, after entering please click the save button.

AddressYou can enter address in three lines. Length of the each Address lines restricted to 30 characters.
CityLength of the City restricted to 25 characters.
StateLength of the State restricted to 25 characters.
Pin/ZipLength of the Pin/Zip restricted to 10 characters.
CountryLength of the Country restricted to 25 characters.
Type and DetailYou can enter any number of contact detail select your type and Enter Detail that particular type.

In Bank detail which is the second option. You can enter any number of bank details of the particular member and don’t forget to click save when finished with the work.

Member Master 3

Bank NameName of your Bank.
BranchEnter Branch Name here.
CityEnter city of Bank.
Account NumberAccount number of your particular Bank

In Credit Detail, you can enter your credit card detail over here in a detailed manner.

Member Master 4

There is also a good service which Invest Plus provides, which is that it as well helps you save your vehicle details. If you have any kind of a car or another vehicle you can manage it smoothly using this module.

Member Master 5

In Personal Detail , it helps you save all kinds of personal details such as you PAN card no., your blood group, driving licence number, your passport no. And its expiry date and other such important personal details and when done with all, please don’t forget to save your data.

 Member Master 6
Residence StatusSelect Residence from list.
Handicap PersonSelect Yes or No.
PANEnter PAN card no here.
Blood GroupEnter your Blood group here. Maximum length is 10 char.
Ward/CircleEnter your ward or circle here. Maximum length is 25 char.
Driving License No.Enter your Driving Licence No here. Maximum length is 20 characters.
Driving Lic. Expire DateEnter your driving licence expire date.
Passport No.Enter your passport no here.
Date of IssueEnter your passport issue date.
Date of RenewEnter your passport renew date.