Fix Deposit - Invest Plus

This option helps the user to store the Fixed Deposit details i.e. the name of the holder, the name  of the joint holder, the name of the nominee, the fixed deposit number, the name of the scheme,  the name of the agent, the date of the F.D, the amount, the type of deposit i.e. whether it is in  a company or bank, the type of interest i.e simple or compound and in case of compound interest, whether compounding is to be done on monthly, quarterly, half yearly or annual basis,  the period of fixed deposit i.e. if it is for some months or for some days, the maturity date and  the maturity amount.

[Calculate] button is given for calculating the interest, maturity value and maturity date  of the  F.D. [Renewal] button is there for putting the details on renewal of the FD.

Now you can enter maturity and Interest entry direct in Maturity Option.

Fix Deposit investplus

Holder NameSelect name here from list.
Join holder name 1 Maximum length is allowing 40 characters.
Join holder name 2Maximum length is allowing 40 characters.
F.D. WithMaximum length is allowing 25 characters.
AgentMaximum length is allowing 40 characters.
F.D. No.Maximum length is allowing 15 characters.
F.D. AmountEnter Amount here.
F.D. date (Date)Enter Date here
FormSelect Form of F.D. here.
Deposit Type.Select deposit type here.
NomineeEnter detail of nominee here.
Int. receivableSelect entry from list.
Interest RecdSelect entry from list.
Interest TypeSelect entry from list.
CompoundedSelect entry from list.
Int. Rate.Enter rate amount here.
MonthsEnter months here.
DaysEnter days here.
Maturity date (Date)Enter maturity date.
Calculate (Button)Click here for calculation.
Maturity ValueThis entry will automatically fill after the click calculate button. If your maturity value will not match our calculation than you can enter
Bank NameMaximum length is allowing 40 characters.
A/C NumberEnter number here. Maximum length allows 20 characters
Payment TypeNow you can add direct account entry from here select payment type of FD.
Ref.No/Cheque NoReceipt or cheque no of payment if bank enter here.
Account NameSelect payment account.

Maturity :
This is new option to enter maturity and interest transaction entry. When you select account in mature fd entry then other detail, like receipt date,amount automatically fill from transaction. In interest receipt entry you have to check mark as received and specify received date,type of transaction like,bank,cash,jv(Other),select account from list,enter narration. Here also delete interest received transaction with delete button or uncheck received option.

maturity and interest transaction entry investplus