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Are you an options or futures trader looking to manage your portfolio efficiently?

You've landed at the right place. A futures and options portfolio comes with a number of risks and challenges. The biggest challenge is to find the right time for harvesting the profits. Invest plus software helps you to manage your portfolio wisely. It helps you to create and manage your futures and options portfolio in an easy manner. This complete F&O Solution for stock brokers allows you to track the progress of your portfolio to give you a clear picture of your investments

F & O Transactions

Effortlessly record your stock market transactions with this Portfolio Management Software. Invest Plus is a user friendly software designed for the Indian markets. Maintain your investment portfolio by keeping a track of your F&O Accounting.

  • Through Trade Master, create trade of the specific scrip & the month & let the software calculate expiry date for you.
  • View your detailed F&O transaction status - settled, unsettled & settled with close.
  • This software lets you record any opening stock of F&O, if available.
  • Manually create broker (F&O) bills along with all the necessary details relating to the particular scrip.
  • Can be used by individual users as well as stock brokers.

Import F&O Bills

No more manual broker bill entries! Import your broker bills into the software and track your portfolio with real-time data. This software helps you plan a effective trading strategy with its analytical tools & reporting. Make better investment decisions with Invest Plus.

  • Save your time and energy with the import feature of Invest Plus.
  • It lets you import any broker bill, just in a few clicks.
  • No need to go through the tedious work of entering contract note manually into software.
  • Import broker bill in any formats like XLS, PDF, CSV, etc.
  • Stay updated with the current scenario with F&O rate feature that lets you know the updated rates.
  • The software lets you identify & analyze your income & plan your next investment accordingly.

F&O Reporting

This portfolio management software lets you generate various reports that help you in knowing your exact current situation of investment. Below are the list of reports that can be generated.

  • Trade Status
  • Current Holding
  • Speculation Report
  • Valuation Report
  • Opening Stock Report
  • Trading Report
  • Advance IT Estimation
  • Margin Report
  • Turnover Report
  • F&O Report
  • Broker Report
  • Trade Report
  • Bill Summary Report

Invest like a pro without requiring any professional knowledge.

Gain insights into your transactions at your fingertips.

Dynamic Reporting

Invest plus software is a premium and advance level accounting software solution that provides investor with different type of report like F&O rate, trade status report and many other advanced level report.

Advance Tax Estimation

This financial portfolio management software helps you manage your portfolio by generating advance tax estimation report. This report will give you a clear picture of tax to be paid at end of the financial year.

Current Holding Status

With Invest Plus, know the status of your current holdings by comparing your scrips with real-time market data. The current market price analysis puts you in a better position to make better decisions for your financial future. 

Customer Support

We believe in providing the best customer service with utmost customer satisfaction. Our support team is available to help you get through any of your queries that you face while operating Invest Plus Software. 

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