• Manage your Portfolio and Assets efficiently
  • Simplified Personal Accounting with single click
  • Personal, Multiple & Family Financial management
  • Manage Loan & other liabilities effortlessly
  • Get 300+ Customized detailed reports on the go
  • Online rate updated balances with Zooming facility from Final Account Statements to Voucher Entry level with Edit/Delete facility.
  • Safe and secured data record with editing facility

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  • Is managing your portfolio and personal accounts becoming a tedious job?
  • Are your financial records up-to-date to file Income Tax Returns?
  • Are you able to keep a track of your capital spending this year?
  • Did you miss out on important dates like policy reminders & financial alerts etc?
  • Is it possible to get the valuation of your current portfolio in single click?
  • Are you able to keep a track of your Insurance policies, FD’s, Loans & other Investments?
  • Is creating broker bill (share Accounting) entries manually becoming extremely time consuming?
  • Are you looking for something to help you out with the use of graphs & charts while managing your finances?
  • Need an easier way to manage accounts for you and your family.
  • Want to Follow the volatility of the Stock market PROFITABLY along with your DEMAT accounts?

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Invest plus makes personal accounting everyone’s cup of tea. We made the difficult accounting much easy with all the features and you can manage it without any professional help.

InvestPlus Software Gives facility to maintain all the details of accounting and recording transactions “Just Import your Bank statement and all work done in 2 clicks”

  • Daily Entry
    • Bank Receipt/Payment
    • Cash Receipt/Payment
    • Contra/Journal Entry
    • Credit Card Entry
    • Multiple Bank/Cash Entry
    • Multiple Debit/Credit Entry
  • Annual Statements
    • Trail Balance
    • Income & Expense
    • Balance Sheet
  • Accounting Reports
    • Bank/Cash Books
    • Bank/Cash Summary
    • Monthly Summary
    • General Ledger
    • Journal Register
    • Groupwise Report
  • Trail Balance
    • Opening
    • Detail
    • Zooming

    Budget & Financial analysis

    Invest Plus makes it easier for you to achieve larger financial goals. By always knowing your overall financial status it will take care of small details and will help you to estimate your budget plan and other expenses.

    • Budget
    • Budget compare with actual
    • Graph
    • Budget Summary
    • Compare Accounts
    • Investment Graph
    • Industries wise Graph
    • Future Estimation

    Asset management

    Get a clear picture of all your assets and create a detailed report of depreciation, maintenance, valuation, listing etc. in a single software. Manage your assets well. Keep yourself updated with each and every single detail of your assets along with its depreciation in Invest Plus.

    • Assets Purchase/Sell
    • Assets Depreciation
    • Assets Maintenance/FreeService
    • Assets Listing Report
    • Assets Maintenance Report
    • Assets Free Service Report
    • Partnetwise Valuation
    • Assets Depreciation Report

    Loan and Mortgage

    Manage loan and mortgage effortlessly. Invest Plus lets you avoids the biggest mistake in investment and provides automation in all your entries. Select the monthly transaction and loan payment and manage everything.

    • Loan Borrowed / Lended
    • Manage Loan Against Assets
    • Manage Loan Installment with calculation & reminders
    • Auto linking of payment to account
    • Detail Reporting
    • Assets Mortgage Loan Report
    • Ledger Interest Calculator

    FD, Bond and Insurance

    Managing your Fix deposit and insurance policy of your family doesn’t seem easier but Invest Plus makes the easy. It covers all your basic financial transactions or any deposits and provides you more output in less entries. Get clear picture of your investment with advance reporting including due date reminder and accrued report.

    • Fixed Deposit
    • Certificate & Bonds
    • Insurance Policies
    • Auto Linking of FD Interest receipt to account
    • Auto Linking of Insurance Installment payment to account
    • Auto reminder for Premium Due date
    • Fixed Deposits Interest Accrued Report
    • FD Withdrawal Report
    • Company wise FD Report
    • Certificate & Bonds Report
    • Policies Report

    Stock market

    We have made it easy for you to manage your stock market as the software takes care of all your transaction report. Invest Plus is smart enough to record all reports and provide it to you when needed. Directly import broker bill from 400 brokers with 2 click and it’s done.

    • Transaction
      • Opening Stock with excel file import
      • Broker Bill
      • Broker Bill Import
      • Merge Scrip
    • General Reports
      • Scrip Status
      • Share Trading
      • Short / Long Gain Report
      • Speculation Report
    • Advanced Report

        • Monthly Scripwise Purchase Sale Report
        • Negative Stock List
        • Monthly Profit Analysis
        • Odd Sale List
      • Action Report
        • Merge Scrip Report
        • Demerge Scrip Report
        • Split Scrip Report
        • Bonus Scrip Report

    Future & Option

    Toughest part is to manage F&O accounting, we made it simple by just importing contract note in to software, and software takes care of rests.

    • Trade Master
    • Select F&O Trade
    • F&O Opening Stock
    • F&O Bill
    • F&O Bill Import
    • F&O Rate
    • Trade Status Report
    • Current Holding Report
    • Speculation Report
    • Valuation Report
    • Opening Stock Report

    Mutual Funds

    Manage your mutual fund without any entry directly import data from your mutual fund provider, you don’t have to be expert to manage your SIP records and ledger accounts, Daily NAV update gives you mutual fund portfolio valuation.

    • Mutual Fund Import
      • Common Excel File Import
      • CAMS File Import
    • Mutual Fund Master
    • Opening Mutual Fund
    • Purchase Mutual Fund
    • Investment Plan (SIP)
    • Sold Mutual Fund
    • Switch In Mutual Fund
    • Mutual Fund Dividend (Reinvestment)
    • Mutual Fund NAV
      • Reports
    • Fund Staus Report
    • Opening Stock Report
    • Purchase Report
    • Sale Report
    • Stock Report
    • Gain Report with Percentage
    • Valuation Report
    • Investment Report
    • Switch In Report

    Other Useful Features and Organizer

    Besides these Invest Plus also provides other features as a bonus to the users. Without any professional help an armature can also handle invest plus and feed their information in it.

    • Backup / Restore data
    • Copy Account Master
    • Delete Multiple Transactions
    • User Master with User Right & Favorites Shortcuts
    • Full Detail Help File

    Do you have more questions?

    We will help you answer those!

    • INVEST PLUSTM covers all areas related to Finance, ensuring you don’t miss out anything
    • Complete analysis of current assets & liabilities, Personalized Investment tracking for individual and family
    • Simply manage cash flows by compiling all IP links from all of your financial institutions
    • No more wondering about where did the money go, Find out about hidden spending and recover maximum of your income from it.
    • Accounting benefits like Full Cycle Bookkeeping , Financial Statement Preparation , Cash-flow Analysis, General Ledger, Bank Reconciliation, Asset Management and Valuation, Loan management, Securities, F&O and mutual funds Status, Organize Personal Information and Scheduling, Upload broker bill & statements.
    • Keep yourself updated by downloading periodical Updates easily
    • Importing your Broker and F & O bills is just a click away. INVEST PLUSTM supports More than 50 broker house bills, letting you save more time by avoiding manual entries
    • Hands on facility to Export all reports & balance-sheets in user friendly formats (Excel &PDF) or direct print without exporting.
    • Facility to download Script rates, M.F., and F & O from internet to calculate your current gain valuation.

    All these are combined to create 360o view of your FINANCIAL PLANNING and investment by generating 300+ reports by just giving 15 min per week.

    You must be wondering how much data entry will I have to do to get all this done?

    Well, breathe easy!

    INVEST PLUSTM is almost entry less Software.


    All you need to do is insert the basic details, feed in the relevant information and your financial record is just one click away.

    You can import all your Stock market data Broker bills, Bank statements, Mutual fund data in just one click. It supports 300+ Stock market Brokers, 30+ banks and other formats.

    You CANNOT Get This Easy, Powerful Technology Anywhere Else for such an unbelievable price!

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