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It’s not a secret that mutual funds are very important to your financial future. Keeping track of them and their performance can be very difficult without the right tools. Invest Plus is a Mutual Funds Portfolio Management Software that manages your investment from the comfort of your home. You don’t need to be an expert in record keeping, you just need to install the software and enter the necessary data and Invest Plus will take care of everything else. The software helps you to build your portfolio, track the performance of your investments, enter details of various transactions and view reports on all these aspects. Helps you to save time and money by making the right investment decisions. 

Import & Automate Mutual Fund Accounting

Eliminate manual entries, save time & accurately generate reports. Invest Plus offers the security, flexibility and efficiency that investors and portfolio managers need. It makes it possible to have everything you need to manage your own account.

  • Import all your MF transactions into the software in just one click.
  • Automate all accounting process on import.
  • The software automatically generates necessary ledgers like investment accounts, bank accounts, credit card accounts, etc automating your accounting process.
  • Maintain a complete portfolio with this wealth management software.
  • Calculate short term/long term capital gains.
  • Import the file from various formats - XLS, PDF or HTML.
  • Invest Plus also allows you to check any historical performance of previous transactions.

Record Transactions including SIP

Invest Plus is a perfect tool for Mutual fund investor. It allows you to manage all your MF investment in one place and also gives you the option of automatically updating your holdings without any additional work from your side. Achieve your financial goals and make better financial decisions.

  • The mutual fund master allows you to enter all details relating to a fund including NAV.
  • Record your openings, if any.
  • Record purchase of any new MF.
  • Record sale.
  • Enter details of your Systematic Investment Plan (SIP), set the periodic installment date and let the software make the recurring entries for you.
  • Switch portfolios & maintain your family accounting & finances. 
  • Record your fund fess & expenses.

Switch In/Switch Out a Mutual Fund Transaction

Simplifying the most complicated entries, just for you! The key features of Invest Plus helps you in improve your financial planning, thereby achieving your financial goals. This user friendly software can be used by any individual.

  • Conveniently switch from one portfolio to the other.
  • Record the date of purchase and the date when you transferred to another fund, switch in folio number, switch out folio number, units, amount, NAV all in a single platform.
  • Know the reason of your switch in or switch out by entering remarks or narration.
  • This feature lets you stay updated with the status of your MF investment.
  • This feature lets transaction to be recorded for all family users.
  • Its a complete solution to manage your investments at one place.
  • The goal of Invest Plus is to help you save time from manual entries so you can focus on your personal goal allocations.

Mutual Funds Reporting

Invest Plus offers easy to use software to track your fund performance. The software has built-in features and tracking capabilities that help you to monitor the performance of the funds with ease.

  • The list of reports include:
    • Mutual Fund Status Report
    • Opening Funds Report
    • Purchase & Sales Report
    • MF Stock Report
    • Short Term/Long Term Capital Gains Report 
    • Valuation Report
    • Investment & Trading Report
    • SIP Summary Report
  • The software helps in cash flow analysis & tracks complete portfolio performance. 
  • This software has proven to be useful for fund managers to manage the equity fund, liquid fund, debt fund, and many more.

Why Limit your Investment Returns? Make Investment Decisions in a Snap.

Save time and money by making the right investment decisions.

Opening MF Stock

Record your opening stock along with all the necessary details. You can also add the date when you buy and sell units in your portfolio, thereby helping you determine the day-to-day value of your portfolio. 

MF Dividend

Record dividend and the amount which you received. Automatically tracks and records MF dividends received, calculates the NAV (Net Asset Value) and generate reports on performance and returns.

Manage at One Place

Invest Plus helps you gain complete control over your portfolio at a single place. It offers asset class allocation across various schemes - flexible and easy to use interface, NAV & dividends.  

NAV Updates

Invest Plus's updates daily NAV for all funds. If you are an end investor, financial advisor or distributor. Invest Plus is the perfect solution for your fund management needs. 

What is a Mutual Fund? 

A mutual fund, also known as a pooled investment scheme, pooling money together to invest in securities such as stocks, bonds, commodities, etc., for their benefit. The respective investors invest this collective amount on behalf of its members, who have agreed to share profits according to their contribution. This allows them to diversify their risk by investing in different types of assets without having to buy each individual security themselves.
It's similar to an insurance company that pools your money and distributes it among many people with varying degrees of wealth or income. In other words, you're essentially buying into a group retirement plan where all the participants contribute equally but get paid out unequally based upon how much they've contributed. .

Mutual Fund Schemes - What Are They?

A mutual fund scheme is an investment vehicle which pools money from investors and invests it in securities such as stocks or bonds. The returns earned by the fund depend on the performance of the underlying assets.
There are two types of mutual fund:
  • Equity-based funds
  • Debt-based funds
Equity-based funds are those that invest primarily in equities. These funds usually take longer to mature than debt-based funds.
Debt-based funds are those that invest in long term government and corporate bonds. These funds can be liquidated at any point of time without losing their value.
Mutual fund schemes come with certain fees associated with them. These include management charges, subscription charges, transaction costs, etc.
You need to decide whether you want to invest directly through a stock broker or use a mutual fund scheme.
If you choose to invest through a stock broker, then you will pay brokerage charges for buying shares. If you choose to invest through a mutual fund scheme, then you will pay a fee for investing in the fund.

How do you manage your mutual fund portfolio?

The first step in managing any portfolio is knowing what it contains. You need to know which type of investments you own so that you can make informed decisions about future purchases. Once you’ve identified all of your holdings, you should be able to determine whether you’re making good choices or not.

Different Kinds of Mutual Funds

If you’re investing in an index fund, then you don’t really need to worry too much about how your portfolio is being managed. However, if you’re investing in actively managed funds, then you will want to keep track of how they are performing. You might also consider diversifying your investments by looking at different types of mutual funds. If you invest in only one fund, then you could miss out on some great opportunities. You can explore mid-cap, small-cap and large-cap to start your systematic investment plan.

When Should You Invest in Mutual Funds?

The best time to invest in mutual funds is when you are young and have money to invest. Mutual funds are great because they offer diversification. This means that you don’t have to worry about putting all your eggs into one basket. Instead, you can spread out your investments across different types of stocks, bonds, commodities, and so on. They are often used by people who want to invest in stocks but don’t know how to do it.

What is investment management software? 

The basic idea behind investment management software is to provide a single interface through which users can access their accounts from multiple devices and perform tasks across different types of data sources. The goal is to make it easier than ever before to keep up with market movements, monitor trading activity, analyze historical trends, and plan future transactions. Investment management software also provides tools to assist investors in making better decisions about what they own and when they want to sell them. Investment Management software automates wealth, portfolio, and financial asset management. It can help you to automate the process of managing your investments by providing a platform for all aspects of investing including:
  • Asset allocation - determining how much money should be invested in each type of security or fund
  • Portfolio optimization - finding an optimal mix of securities that will maximize returns while minimizing risk
  • Reporting - generating reports on various metrics like return, volatility, etc.
  • Tracking - keeping tabs on where your money is at any given time so you know if it's performing well enough to meet your goals 

How can Invest Plus help me manage my mutual fund portfolio manage my mutual fund portfolio along with analysis and tracking?

Invest Plus provides an easy-to-use interface that allows users to easily access their investment portfolios with convenience and ease. It also offers a range of features like:
Statement Import - You can import from a list of more than 300 mutual funds. Eliminate the need to create any manual entries. 

Portfolio Analysis - You can view detailed information about your investments including performance history, holdings, expense ratios, etc.

Portfolio Tracking - You can track your investments in real time by viewing live quotes for all your securities.

Real-time NAV - View the latest NAVs of all your securities in real time.

Mutual Fund Comparison - Compare your investments against other mutual funds.

Mutual Fund Management - You can choose from over 300+ mutual funds offered by leading Indian stock brokers. 

Reporting - Generate reports with the mutual funds statement imported. The entries automatically place themselves in the respective account heads to give you an accurate report. 

Do you have any customer service representatives available?

Yes, you can get in touch with our support team via call on 80000 06688 or email - 

Download Invest Plus for free

You can download lifetime free version of Invest Plus from here. It will give you an idea about the features and functionalities available in this product. 

What do I get for Personal Accounting when I sign up for Invest Plus?

When you join Invest Plus as a free member, you'll receive:

  • A personalized dashboard that allows you to view all of your financial information at one glance.
  • An intuitive interface that makes managing your money simple and fast.
Need help getting started? Check this user guide and follow the instructions for quick and hassle-free installation and activation.