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What if you could have an expert to handle your finances for you?

Invest Plus Software makes it easier for you to achieve larger finance goals with its Budgeting & Financial analysis feature. This software will help you in budget planning, monitor your income, expenses, and cash flow. Not just that, it also helps in analyzing your spending habits, improve your monthly planning & give you a clear picture of your transactions over time. With advanced features of this software, you can streamline all your financial information into a single screen. Make your life easier with Invest Plus, a FREE Personal Finance Software that provides accurate financial planning to help you plan your finances in a better & organized way.

Compare Budget with Actual Expenses

Invest Plus makes it easier for you to achieve larger budgetary goals with it's Budget & Financial analysis feature. By always knowing your overall monetary status, it will take care of small details and will help you to estimate your financial plan and other expenditure.

  • Budget management is the core of Invest Plus. It helps you with better planning & better money management.
  • Knowing your monthly spending will help you stay on track to achieve your wealth goals.
  • Invest Plus helps keep a check on your income and expenses with ease.
  • Set up your savings goals and monitor the progress.
  • View graphical representation of your actual incoming & outgoing against the estimation.

Generate Budget Summary

Planning a financial blueprint and analyzing your spending habit with the help of Invest Plus Personal Finance Software will give you the advantage of being more focused on your goal without any help of an advisor or a professional. This software will help identify your hidden spendings and give you a clear picture of your monetary status over time. It also acts as your budget planner.

  • Generate reports to analyze your income and expenditures as well as assets & liabilities.
  • This feature will help you to generate reports & maintain your cash flow on the go.
  • Accurately track your income, expenditure and savings.
  • Review your cash flow, analyze your spending habits, and more.
  • Stay on top of your cash flow in real time.
  • It's user Interface is easy-to-use - You don’t have to be a professional to use this portfolio management software, even if you are a beginner.

Compare Family Members Budgets

If you’re looking to make your family’s finances manageable for the future, Invest Plus can help you achieve your goals. This software helps in preparing your estimated plan and helps you to keep a good track on where you need to spend and on your spending category.

  • Instantly analyze income & expenses of your family in one place.
  • Aims to save your time, reduce the financial mess in your family.
  • Helps you know the account status and habits of your family members.
  • Helps you have a control over your family's spending.
  • Understand who has spent more and who has saved more over the years.
  • Analyze your monetary situation to take necessary measures.
  • With the help of reporting feature, you can view the report in a graph format.

Estimate Your Future Income/Expenses

To have better control of your finances and plan effectively, you need to gather all your account information and manually put them together. With Invest Plus, you get a powerful tool to manage money. This free portfolio management software will streamline all your account information into a single screen and further estimate future cash outfolw & inflow for you.

  • It acts as your financial planner, and therefore, helps your family to prepare for monetory changes.
  • Helps you make better decisions by giving you the opportunity to see how your decisions will affect your income on the long-term.
  • Real-time analysis and precise future estimates of your investments.
  • This money management software is the ultimate solution that helps you get your spending on track, plan for the future, and manage your wealth.

Financial Analysis

Reduce your investment risk and make informed decisions. Draw yourself a clear picture of where you stand in your investments, analyze them and take a step towards building wealth. No longer be limited by your knowledge; now you can make investment decisions with ease.

  • Visualize where you stand in your investments in a graphical way. 
  • Know what percentage of your investment comes from which industry. 
  • Shorten the time it takes to make investment decisions.
  • This financial analysis software assists in identifying industries of investment, a one-stop solution that provides in-depth investment analysis
  • It gives you the ability to quickly analyze stocks and make better investment decisions.

Achieve your larger goals and make better decisions about your future.

It's never too early to start planning your secure future.

Graphical Representation

Design your budget chart to visualize and analyze in a way you like, with different styles, appearances & palette. Easily compare family spending, analyze and make better decisions and gives you analytical output.

Family Expense Comparison

Compare and analyze your estimated plan as well as your family's plan over different time periods to find out the gap of their monthly expenditure and decide where to control and increase the spend using Invest Plus.

Industry-wise Investment Chart

Breakdown your numerous investments into their respective industries for your quick analysis. View the Industry Wise Investment portfolio chart in your preferred visual style, appearance and palette.

Investment Chart

View your investments in a chart, based on the different kind of investments made by you. Keep track of the performance of your portfolio, so that you can always be on top and make the best decisions in the market. 

What is Personal Budgeting?

And why should you manage personal or family budget in Invest Plus software.
Personal budgeting is the process of allocating a person's income towards their spending. It may also include saving for future monetary goals, like retirement. The term "budget" comes from the word balance which means that it balances your income against your outgoings in order to maintain an even keel over time.

The main purpose of having a budget is to help you see where and how much money you spend on things such as food, clothing, shelter, entertainment and transportation. This will allow you to make informed decisions about your life so that you don't have to worry about running short or going into debt because you didn't plan ahead properly.

What are the basics of budgeting?

A typical budgeting has two parts: A "needs" section which includes expenses related to housing, transportation, child care, health insurance, taxes, groceries, and other bills. Then there's a "wants" section which contains everything else including dining out, vacations, gifts, new clothes, and anything else you want to splurge on.

When creating a budget, consider the amount of money coming into your home each month versus the total amount spent every month. By doing this, you can determine exactly how much money you actually have left after meeting your obligations. This is called net income or take-home pay. The difference between what comes in and goes out should be equal to all monthly bills and living costs. If it isn't, then something needs to change!

Why is personal budgeting important?

It helps us keep our spending within limits and make wise decisions when faced with temptation. It’s a great way to monitor progress toward goals such as saving for retirement or paying off debt. And because it forces us to think ahead, it makes us less likely to spend beyond our means once we have an idea of how much money will come into our household over time. Main goals of a budget include:

  • To Save Money - If you’re trying to cut back on expenditures while still maintaining high-quality lifestyle, using a budgeting software could turn out to be advantageous. You’ll know precisely just what you need to do in order to stay beneath your monthly allowance without going bankrupt.
  • To Get Organized – An effective way to manage your cash flow would be to develop a strategy based upon monthly income and expenditure. Such a plan enables you to track all your purchases from day-to-day basis, making it easier for you.

How can you account for financial goals in your personal budget?

A lot of people have trouble sticking to their budgets. They spend too much money on unnecessary items, and they often find themselves falling behind on their bills.

Financial planning is an essential part of life. It’s important to plan ahead and set aside money for future events such as retirement, college tuition, and other big purchases. However, there are also smaller expenses that you should consider including in your budget.

These small expenses add up quickly, and if you don’t account for them, you could end up spending more than you planned.

Once you have a good idea of where your money goes, you can start making adjustments. For example, if you see that you spend too much on dining out, try cutting back on those expenses. Or maybe you can cut back on your Air Conditioner bill.

Whatever changes you make will be easier to stick with when you know what the consequences will be.

Budgeting Software - How can it help you 

Budgeting software allows people to track what they are spending by category and then keep tabs on whether those categories are staying within certain limits. People use these softwares to create budgets for themselves and/or their families. They can set up different types of budgets depending upon their needs: monthly, weekly, biweekly, quarterly, semiannual etc.

These tool provide users with easy-to-use interfaces and powerful features that enable them to manage every aspect of their finances. There are many reasons why someone would want to use a budgeting tool:

  • To get control over your money
  • To save more money
  • To avoid debt or credit card problems
  • To find out how much money is left in each account
  • To plan ahead
  • To know where all the extra cash goes
If you're looking for an effective way to organize your financial life, try using Invest Plus today!

Personal Budgeting Software: How Do I Choose One?

When choosing between different types of personal finance management softwares, we recommend starting with something free. One advantage of using a free software is that you can try before you buy. Once you've tried you should be better equipped to choose the right software for your individual situation. There are some basic requirements that any software must meet. These requirements are listed below:

  • Ease of Use - This refers to how intuitively the user interface works. Some softwares require users to learn complex menus and submenus whereas others offer simple text boxes with drop down lists. The ease of use may also depend on the number of options available to you. Once you understand it you'll never look at financial management tools in quite the same way again.
  • Support - Ask about customer service hours and technical support before purchasing a solution. Ask if the company ever charges extra fees for additional questions asked during tech support calls. This tip applies especially well to small businesses. If they're charging per minute or even per question, then they won't have time to answer all your questions. You want an application that will work as long as possible without requiring constant attention from someone who's paid hourly wages.
  • Unique Features - Most budgeting applications include a calendar, checkbook register, account balances, bills due dates, etc. Many allow you to set up recurring payments like rent, car insurance, mortgage payment, utilities, credit card bill pay, etc. A few even let you import bank statements directly into their system. They usually come bundled together so you only purchase one package instead of many separate products.
  • Free Download - If there isn't already a trial version of this product available online, ask them when you call whether or not you can download a demo copy first. Most companies provide free versions of their software which allows you to see what features are included before making a decision.
  • The Bottom Line - Once you know what type of program you need, make sure you find out exactly what each feature does. It might seem obvious but sometimes people overlook important details because they don't take the time to read through everything. Make sure you get a detailed description of every function offered by the software you plan to purchase.

How can Invest Plus help you in Budget Planning Process

Here are some benefits associated with having Invest Plus Money Management Software:

  • Budgeting Tools - This software allows you to set up budgets for each month/year. With this tool, you can easily see exactly how much money you have coming in and going out every single month. By doing this, you can figure out which bills you can afford to pay and which ones you might have to take care of.
  • Tracking Spending & Saving Goals - Invest Plus includes features that help you achieve specific saving goals. For example, you might want to start saving an amount per paycheck towards a certain future expense. Or maybe you'd like to put away 10% of your take home pay each week towards a vacation fund. Whatever your particular goal, with Invest Plus, you can manage it all!
  • Financial Planning Capabilities - With the budgeting tools included in Invest Plus, you'll be able to create financial plan based on your current expenses being made. You can also use these same tools to track your progress toward reaching those goals. This is especially helpful if you're trying to save more or spend less than what's currently being spent.
  • Timely Reminders & Scheduling Transactions - This budget planner will automatically remind when you should make your premium payments, when your FD interest is due to be received, etc. You can easily schedule any your of your repetitive transactions like rent, service expenses, payment on credit card accounts, monthly car wash expenses, mobile or wi-fi expenses, and much more. The best part about this feature? There’s no manual entry required! All you do is enter your bank information once and then let the system work its magic.
  • Reporting Options - When managing personal or family finances, there may be times when you need to generate reports to review the status of the your finances. Invest Plus Software gives its users the ability to generate reports that summarize key metrics from their account. Users can then send those reports via email, print them, upload them to websites, or export them to Excel spreadsheets.
  • Multi-User Support - Invest Plus allows you to add users in case someone else is taking care your accounts where you can assign specific rights to them. They will only be access those sections for which the right has been given. This way, the accounts get managed and you have the full control over it.

Download Invest Plus for Free

You can download lifetime free version of Invest Plus from here. It will give you an idea about the features and functionalities available in this product. 

What do I get for Personal Budgeting when I sign up for Invest Plus?

When you join Invest Plus as a free member, you'll receive:

  • A personalized dashboard that allows you to view all of your financial information at one glance.
  • An intuitive interface that makes managing your money simple and fast.
Need help getting started? Check this user guide and follow the instructions for quick and hassle-free installation and activation.