Lakshmi Vilas Bank Statement Download and Import

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Lakshmi Vilas Bank Statement Download and Import

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Importing the Lakshmi Vilas Bank Statement after downloading has become very easy with Invest Plus Software.

Below are the steps to download Lakshmi Vilas Bank statement:

  1. Log in to Lakshmi Vilas Bank Net Banking
  2. Click on the option ‘Account Activity’.
  3. Then click on ‘Specific Period’ sub option and specify the period for which you need the account statement.
  4. Enter the period and then click on the “GO” icon to generate and download the statement.

Below are the steps to import bank statements using Invest Plus software:

  1. Select Lakshmi Vilas bank from ‘bank Statement’ tab.
  2. Select the file type. Make sure to enter the password if your PDF is password protected
  3. Locate the file from where it is saved in the computer and select it.
  4. On selecting the file, details of the statement will be displayed.
  5. You can then enter each transaction’s detail/ Account match.

Here you can Contact Lakshmi Vilas Bank Customer Care for more detail.

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