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CD Equisearch Limited Customer Care

CD Equisearch is one of the leading brokerage houses with a strong presence in the institutional and High Network Individual broking segment. It emphasises on clean and ethical dealings earning client’s goodwill. Continued growth which is so essential in today’s fast paced and ever-changing capital market has been their forte.

 CD Equisearch offers its services in stock market investment domain with excellent trade execution capabilities on Bombay Stock Exchange and National Stock Exchange. Future and options/Derivatives for individuals or organisation willing to take risks for accomplishment of their objectives. It offers Daily Market Analysis, Advisory reports & Special Situation Research Reports for their clients.

The clients can trade with medium of their choice by just opening an account with CD Equisearch. First medium is online for trading on desktop. Second is Call n Trade for offline trading clients and last is mobile for trading anytime.

CD Equisearch Ltd operates on research-based investment advisory with wide product range and customised investment solutions by experienced Relationship managers.

Here are the details of CD Equisearch Limited for customer support that can be useful for Invest Plus users.

Registered Office: S.B.Tower, 3rd Floor, 37, Shakespeare Sarani Kolkata- 700017

Call: +91-33-4488-0000,03344884039, 022- 49660801-806,

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