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Amrutleela Equities Customer Care

Amrutleela Equities is subsidiary company of Thinc Redblue Securities Private Limited. They are members of all major exchanges in the country and are algorithmic trading enabled. Their services under this segment are regulated by Securities and Exchange Board of India(SEBI) which ensures  complete transparency for its customers.

It is a product offering Ultra High Net Worth Individuals where they allocate capital to algorithms that have been developed and tested over the past 12 years and have a long history of delivering consistent returns to their clients.

It is one of the leading financial services firm offering absolute focus on returns and 35% Compound Annual Growth Rate with other services.

They have uncorrelated nature of returns to broad markets. They offer process driven approach with stress testing and exhaustive back testing of strategies for rule-based decision making.

Here are the details of Amrutleela Equities customer support that can be useful for Invest Plus users.

Registered Address: Office No.709, 7th Floor,Surya House Building, Opp R.N. Gandhi Road, Next to Vidyavihar Station, Vidyavihar(East),Mumbai- 400077

Call- 022-25015100


Amrutleela Equities
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