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Opening Stock

In this module, please enter Scrip name, quantity, rate and amount of the securities  held by you as trading stock  (other than stock held as investments) held at the start of the current financial year. The date of  purchase, distinctive nos. Etc . are not required as there is no need to calculate the long-term or short-term  gain on this stock. The opening stock of securities must be marked as demat delivery with DP Name to get  the correct status of demat holdings, otherwise the stock will be assumed as physical. You can import opening stock from excel file.

opening stock invest plus

Scrip NameSelect scrip from list.
Broker NameSelect broker name.
D.P. NameSelect demat account from list.
MarketSelect market of opening stock.
Purchase DateEnter purchase date of opening stock.
QtyEnter quantity here.
RateEnter rate here.
AmountAuto calculate column by rate and qty.
NarrationEnter narrration
Save (Button)Click here for save detail.
Close (Button)Click here for close without save detail.
Import From FileClick here to import opening stock transaction from excel file.

Note: Any time you have to add new row than press Ctrl + or do right click and press add and delete existing row press Ctrl – key or do right click and press delete.