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The State Bank of India is an Indian Multinational Government corporation statutory body that is into Banking and Financial Services. Actively involved since 1973, it is the largest bank in India with 23% market share in assets. SBI has over 24000 branches in India. The bank provides a wide range of services which includes life insurance, merchant banking, mutual funds, credit card, factoring, security trading, pension fund management and primary dealership in the money market. The Bank operates in four business segments, namely Treasury, Corporate/ Wholesale Banking, Retail Banking and Other Banking Business.

There’s a lot that Invest Plus brings to the table for SBI Bank customers. Let’s have a look at the basket of services by Invest Plus that make the process of Personal Financial Management a seamless process for SBI Bank customers:

Personal Accounting for Banking:

As easy as it gets, you can import all your downloaded bank and credit card statements in the software.

You can also mange receipts and expenses according to their respective categories. This really helps in keeping track of where your money flows.

Save the hassle of bulky paperwork with just a few clicks. If you’re wondering how all this is done, just check out SBI Bank Statement Download and Import for downloading and importing statements and this short video How to do Bank Receipt and Payment Entry for understanding the process well.

You can also analyse your personal budget with the help of visual tools like charts and graphs.

Stock Portfolio Management:

Be it shares or futures and options, it can be management with Invest Plus- Share Market Software.

You can import all your SBICAP Securities broker bills very easily and keep track of all the shares you’re buying and selling.

Analyse the returns generated by your portfolio and take informed decisions.

To know how to import broker bills read this small article , for a video guide check out How to Import Broker Bill .

Mutual Funds Portfolio Management:

You can get all the data regarding SBI Mutual Fund like purchase, sale, latest NAV, dividend declared by the scheme and SIP and SWP reminders.

Import your mutual fund statements easily and manage all your mutual fund schemes by spending just a few minutes.

To know how to import mutual fund statements check out SBI Mutual Fund Statement Import , and for more guidance check out this video tutorial How to Import Mutual Fund Files .

Insurance Policies Management:

With Invest Plus, Financial Planning becomes a very easy process. You can manage all your insurance policies at a single destination.

Along with all the relevant details, you can also set reminders for the due dates insurance premiums and pay them on time.

We hope all this helps you in managing your finances and make the process easier and quicker than before.

If you’re looking for customer support info of SBICAP Securities, check out: SBICAP Securities Customer Care

For the customer care info of SBI Bank, check out: SBI Bank Customer Care

Hope, this article helps you out with all your queries and provides value.